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Everyone should have a Will.  We all know it, but so many people don’t have one at all. If you die without a Will you die Intestate. Intestacy means decisions are taken away from you and can often leave expensive, lengthy and painful disputes behind. The courts will have to decide who benefits from your estate and they have a set of fairly rigid guidelines to follow that may not necessarily reflect your wishes.

Others have written their own Will or bought a cheap DIY kit and believe their affairs are in order. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case. We all need a properly constructed, legally correct Will. The decision as to where your estate is left is entirely yours and is an extremely important one. Sadly there are many everyday things that can seriously impact how much of your estate actually goes to your intended beneficiaries when the time comes. By taking a few careful steps now, whilst you still have the capacity to do so, can save a great deal of time, money and emotional pain for the loved ones you leave behind.

In addition to having control over where your estate is distributed, a further advantage of leaving a well constructed Will is the peace of mind, knowing that those dealing with your estate are not required to make difficult decisions, as you will already have made them.

When taking instruction from our clients we always ask them to consider some of the following

  • Do you have young children and who will you appoint as their Guardians?
  • Is there anyone you wish to specifically exclude from your will?
  • Are there any precious items you wish to leave to specific people?
  • What provisions are in place to prevent your beneficiaries losing their inheritance if a surviving partner remarries?
  • Is an unmarried partner protected if the property is owned solely by the other?
  • How would potential future Care Home fees effect your estate?
  • Have you made arrangements for the care of your pets?
  • Are there any young, vulnerable or disabled beneficiaries in your Will?
  • What happens to your estate if a beneficiary is made bankrupt?
  • Are there any instructions regarding your funeral you would like to give?

If any or all of the above apply to you, our advisor will be on hand to offer you completely free advice on what steps you may wish to consider.

A single Will costs just £125. Not much for the peace of mind it will bring. We understand writing a Will can be difficult. Call us today and arrange a free initial consultation in your own home to discuss the way forward.